Everything is Art (Even Fish)

The intersection of art and fish is currently on exhibit at the Art Aquarium in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district. Full of exotic-looking fish and even more exotic looking aquariums, this aquatic gallery is a good place to take a date or buy an overpriced cocktail.

A pair of goldfish swim in a tank lit with colored lights.

A trio of fish tanks comprise the aptly named Zen Aquarium.

Sena watches a goldfish swim in one of the many small tanks that lined a long hall in the venue.

After leaving the long hallway of small fish tanks, visitors turn the corner and are greeted by a series of giant tanks, colorful lights, and a DJ.

Some of the fish were absolutely shocked at the price of a beer. Shocked!

Another room featured goldfish dancing in lace-lined containers. All these fish make me want to go eat some sushi. Sushi is art, too, right?