Pairs, disordered

Having grown up in the middle of a continent, I'm not very accustomed to boats. So the party I went to on a ship the other day was especially fun for me. Below are two pairs of pictures from that night, though the pairs are not next to each other.Girl in YukataA woman wearing traditional Japanese yukata enjoys the atmosphere of the boat cruise on the Tokyo Bay. People were encouraged to wear traditional dress on the two-hour cruise. I wore a t-shirt and shorts.

Toyko Tower from the BayThe Tokyo Tower sticks out amongst the buildings of Tokyo's skyline.

Emily running to izakaya Emily rushes off into the night while searching for a bar after the cruise.

Tokyo Bay Airplane An airplane takes off from Haneda Airport in Tokyo Bay. Our boat got so close to the airport at one point that passing planes seemed to just miss the tops of our heads.