Chiang Mai

Thailand's northern city of Chiang Mai offered a more relaxed atmosphere than Bangkok, but it was still lively and full of attractions. 

Though much smaller than Bangkok, the streets of Chiang Mai were still full of cars, tuk-tuks, and tons of motorbikes speeding through other traffic.

People offer incense at Wat Phra Singh, a temple within the oldest part of Chiang Mai. The original city center was contained by walls and a moat that remain to this day.

Joe Ryan walks through Wat Phan Tao, another temple within the city walls of Chiang Mai.

I took a cooking class at a farm on the outskirts of Chang Mai. Here our instructor watches a student use a mortar and pestle to grind garlic, beans and chilies to use in a papaya salad.

An Indian elephant native to Northern Thailand stares at me at an elephant camp in Chiang Mai. I got to feed the elephant bananas and sugar cane.

A driver leads his elephant into water to let the animal have a drink. If it's not clear, I'm riding on the back of the elephant. It was pretty great. Also I call the guy a driver because he used to drive tuk-tuks. I guess driving an elephant is an improvement.