Tokyo Bay

Occasionally I need to remind myself that I live on an island. I'm forgetful. To help cement this idea in my head, I visited Tokyo Bay, which forms part of the southern border of the city. Now I'm pretty convinced Japan really is an island. I saw seagulls. You'll have to trust me about the water though. There aren't any pictures of it here.

There are a number of islands in Tokyo bay. Only one of them is natural. This bridge connects two parts of an artificial island called Odaiba. The island was made in the 1800s and was originally used as a defense fortress. Now the island is home to entertainment districts, businesses and residences.

What fake island would be complete without an indoor mall that looks like a fake European street? A tiny casino inhabits part of the upscale shopping center, and the "sky" throughout the building periodically changes from day to night. Also featured on the fake island: a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Seriously.

Next to the mall is a 377 foot-tall Ferris wheel. At least this isn't fake. I'll also take this time the mention that I think it's silly that we still capitalize the word "Ferris" in Ferris wheel. With all due respect to the inventor Mr. Ferris who died in 1896,  I think it's time we start using lower case letters.

One of the perks of being near the bay was fresh sashimi. This wasn't the best fish I've ever eaten, but it was still very good, and the presentation was nice. I like it when I can look my food in the eye.