Higashi Omiya by Night

So I just moved to Japan. Now that that's over with, let's get to some pictures. 

The city I'm living in is called Higashi Omiya. It's in the Saitama Prefecture, which is basically a suburb of Tokyo. The area around the Higashi Omiya train station has a fair amount of restaurants and shops and lots of lights to brighten up the night.
I saw this sign for a yakitori restaurant when I was trying to find a local ramen shop. Yakitori is chicken grilled on a skewer and ramen soup is that noodle you ate in college. The ramen I ate on this excursion was much better than the college variety and had a raw egg cracked over it. This should be considered normal. It tasted fine.
A woman on a bicycle stops to check out the wares from a shop near my apartment. Bikes are everywhere around here, and sometimes you have to watch out for cyclists riding behind you on sidewalks.
While looking for the ramen shop, I found a 14 story apartment building that appeared to have a good view. So I got into the elevator, which spoke to me (no kidding), and headed to the top where I got this view of the broader area. (The elevator asked what floor I wanted, but I had to push a regular button. No voice commands.)
And this is the building that I went up into. The whole building kind of creeped me out for some reason. There was an outdoor staircase that went all the way to the 14th floor. That and the weird blue lights made me uncomfortable. Glad I don't live here.