The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is a series of buildings in a Beijing park used by ancient Chinese emperors for prayer.

This is the top of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests where emperors from the 15th century and onward prayed for – you guessed it – good harvests.

Here's a less abstract view of the same building. Apparently the wooden tower was built without any nails. I guess it's held together with a combination of luck and spit. There were other similar buildings throughout the complex also used for prayer and sacrifice. Best building name: "Animal-beating pavilion."
The park around the temple complex was full of people playing games, dancing, singing and exercising. This woman twirled a long cloth attached to a stick, making pretty, ribbon-like patterns. (Photographer's note: I was eating a delicious milk-flavored popsicle when I made this picture. The popsicle cost about 45 cents.)