Moon Festival

Today the Chinese celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. The festival dates back to a tradition of moon worship in an ancient Chinese dynasty and takes place when the moon is said to be at its fullest and roundest. During the festival people traditionally eat mooncakes made of lotus seed paste, bean paste, or other ingredients.
Another tradition some practice during the Moon Festival involves lanterns and riddles. Today the China Open put up some of these lanterns.

Here China Open spectators read a riddle tied to a hanging lantern.

Try to guess the animal being described in this picture's riddle: "A crescent longbow with a tassel on top, when living they wear sackcloth, dead they wear scarlet."
I know the answer. It is not a flamingo. Post comments below with guesses.
If you think you know the answer, you take the paper down and present it to the question master. If you're right, you win a prize. Today the prizes were cell phone ornaments, which must have provided a big incentive for people to win. I'm pretty sure the Chinese collect phone ornaments like the Louvre collects paintings.
*Thanks to Matt for help with the Chinese translation above.*