First Day in China

I'm in Beijing, China (!) for two weeks covering the China Open tennis tournament with a group from Mizzou. Here are some pictures from my first partial day.

Travelers walk through Beijing Capital International Airport near the immigration checkpoint. The airport also had temperature-sensing cameras used to check arriving passengers for Swine Flu.

A fleet of Mercedes line up outside of the Beijing Airport ready to take us to our hotel. The China Open sent an individual car and driver for each member of the Mizzou crew. My driver got slightly lost for a while, but it's easy to deal with such things from the back seat of a luxury vehicle.
While my driver ran out to ask for directions, I rolled down my windows and grabbed this image. The traditional-looking building is a bridge and the McDonalds is a McDonalds.

Chefs slice our Peking Duck at a restaurant in Beijing. In addition to eating normal duck meat, a few of us tried the duck's brain. Later we ate a lovely duck soup that the restaurant made from the leftovers. All told, there were more than a dozen different dishes served to us.

Lotus root - a slightly sweet component of our meal. AND SO PRETTY.