Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath

During my stay in England, I took a day trip to three places west of London: Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath. As a bonus, all of the pictures in this set are vertical! Woah!

Stonehenge: Largely a bunch of rocks propped up in a field. The people who built the structure remain largely mysterious. No one knows who they were or what they were doing, but their legacy remains hewn into the living rock... of Stonehenge.

Visitors at the cathedral in Salisbury observe stained glass windows reflected in a pool. The cathedral houses one of the four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta.

The Pulteney Bridge in Bath is one of only four bridges in the world with shops lining the inside. Another I saw on a later trip is the Rialto Bridge in Venice. As far as I can tell, the Star Trek-like symbol in the river is just for decoration.

The ancient Roman baths give the city its name. Natural springs feed the baths built by the Romans during the first few centuries B.C.E. (or A.D. Which is the preferred term these days?)

Next stop: Barcelona!