I just spent the last three weeks backpacking around Europe, so I haven't been able to update my blog at all. But the traveling is over, I'm staying at a friend's place in Brussels tonight, and I'll be back in the States tomorrow! I finally have my computer back, so here's the first post recounting my travels over the past few weeks.
London was my first stop after a brief return to The Netherlands.

The London Eye, a 443 feet high Ferris wheel, sits on the River Thames in London. The huge wheel, the biggest in Europe, affords riders a great view of the London skyline, including the County Hall building next door.

The Houses of Parliament can be seen from the top of the London Eye. About 25 people can fit in each window-filled car on the Farris Wheel.
What tourist's visit to London would be complete without a trip to Abbey Road? Yes, there is a picture of me walking across the street. If you ask me nicely, you may look at it.
A fountain glows different colors near the National Gallery on London's Trafalgar Square. The oddly named square gets its title from a naval battle during the Napoleonic Wars.
I'll update my blog with pictures from the rest of my travels over the course of the next few weeks.