False Alarm - Sequence Part 1

Residents of McDavid Hall, a dorm on MU's campus, wait outside while firefighters inside inspect the cause of smoke on Tuesday, January 17.

Missourian photographer Kevin Roberts shoots pictures of a fireman testing a door of McDavid Hall on MU's campus.

MU Freshman Cullen Delaney, 19, warms Freshman Sarah Skinner, 17, after being evacuated from their dorm. The snow-covered ground did not help warm the two during the 15 degree day.

A McDavid Hall resident advisor holds the open while students make their way back inside after firefighters deemed the building safe. Firefighters said the smoke in the building was caused by a resident heating maccaroni in a microwave.

Maneater photographer Andrew Worrall shoots pictures of firefighters as they load their equiptment back into their truck before leaving the scene.