Obama Visits Missouri

Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential candidate, addresses the crowd at Missouri S&T in Rolla on Wednesday, July 30, 2008. The candidate spoke about the war in Iraq, energy and the differences between himself and his opponent, John McCain.

Obama answers a question posed by an audience member during the question and answer portion of the speech.

Matt Decker, 21, displays a set of the Barack Obama playing cards he's selling to the crowd lined up before Obama's speech. Decker, originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, has been following Obama on the road for about a year. He had more than one motivation for following the candidate. "I support Obama. He's a pretty good guy," he said, "but most of it's money."

My press pass! This was the first big, national event I've ever covered, so I was pretty excited about it. I went with three Missourian reporters to cover the story. Before getting into the event, we were all checked by secret service, and we had to check our equipment in beforehand.
It was fun to shoot the event with a lot of other photographers -including national media. I even made a few friends and got some tips from pros. It was worth the 12-hour day!