At Home with the Dyna-Lites

I checked out the Dyna-Lites this weekend to shoot the multiple flash assignment, and I decided I would be a terrible photographer if I didn't at least play with them a little bit. So I set up a little mini-studio in my apartment. I didn't have much to take pictures of, so I settled on this apple. It's pretty exciting.

The apple was taken at f/22 at 1/250th, 100 ISO. I had two lights on either side, one at 100 watts and the other at 400. The light on the left had a diffuser on it. Well sort of. You'll see later. Anyway, yay for lighting ratios.

Then I got bored of apples and called over my friend John Kosash for portrait time.

This is John on my couch. I think I'm going to make a book called "Portraits on my Couch." f/16 at 1/250, 100 ISO. Same lighting setup as before.

Remember the diffuser I was talking about? Well this is my solution to not having an umbrella or softbox. It's called "undershirt hanging on a lamp." Awesome.
John and my roommate Dennis on our couch. They were unimpressed with my undershirt setup.